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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MVFC in New England Home Cape & Island

MVFC is thrilled to have been listed in New England Home Cape & Island's list of "unique, beautiful" items now available in showrooms across the Cape. As Kara Lashley puts it, The Coordinates Coffee Table "takes us to another place with its glossy white surface and raffia finished ottomans.

New England Home Cape & Islands
"New in the Showrooms"
Summer 2012, pg 104

Monday, May 14, 2012

MVFC in Organic Spa Magazine!

 Martha's Vineyard Furniture Co. was included in Organic Spa Magazine's June 2012 issue, which featured our Destination Cocktail Table in the article "Chic, Comfortable & Classic."

"Make your home a haven from the unpredictable, ever-accelerating world. This year's best green home decor is simple and timeless yet elegant and luxurious." - Organic Spa Magazine

Thank you Organic Spa Magaine - we're honored to be included in your list of great picks for the home in 2012!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

MVFC in Natural Home & Garden Magazine

We are thrilled to have been mentioned by Natural Home & Garden Magazine in their article "A Healthier Home: Furnishings and Decor to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution." The magazine featured MVFC's Menemsha Side Table as an example of solid hevea wood finished in zero-VOC paint. 

 The Menemsha Side Table is part of our many shades of green™ line, which is constructed of solid hevea wood. Hevea trees are tapped for their sap, much like a maple tree. This sap is the primary source for most of the world’s latex production. When hevea trees stop producing sufficient sap after 25 to 30 years, the trees are typically cut down and burned; while a new tree is planted in its place. Using these discarded trees for furniture production is a great form of sustainability. Hevea wood is quite strong and can be compared to white oak or teak making it an ideal material for furniture construction. And, like the article said, each piece of furniture in our many shades of green™ line is finished in a water-based ZERO VOC paint. 

 The article provides readers with great tips on surrounding yourself with comfortable, clean, and healthy furnishings and finishes. Be sure to pick up the May/June issue soon!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Adrift Cocktail Table

We have another new addition to the Destination Collection! May we present the Adrift Cocktail Table - reclaimed barn wood constructed to elegantly conceal a large ottoman:

The ottoman can be pulled out for additional seating or surface space, which makes this table ideal for living rooms and family spaces. Like our other pieces, the Adrift Cocktail Table can be customize to suite your needs and the space that you call home! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coordinates Coffee Table from the Destination Collection

Our Destination Collection unveiled last spring has evolved into a great success! The natural, reclaimed finishes matched with zip codes from around the island proved to be ideal furnishings for many island homes and residents. In addition to our  favorite pieces from the collection - the "Townie" pillows, the Longitude & Latitude Console Table (to name a few) - we are pleased to add the Coordinates Coffee Table.

First seen in the Boston Globe feature last fall, Liz's design provides table space and additional casual seating when needed.  As part of the collection, the table was originally offered in reclaimed barn wood, so we are excited to have just installed a white version in a client's guest house. The guest house features a crisp, white kitchen surrounded by neutral colors on the walls, sofa and rug. The white, high-gloss finished coffee table paired with four raffia finished ottomans draws the space together, creating a complimentary center point in the room. As every home is different, this table can be customized to suit any space! 

The Robert Allen Group - Cabin Weave, Greystone